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Our beloved Montserrat
Did you know that the place was already a restaurant in L'Estartit in the 20s, specifically under the name of Fonda Massaguer? And that it did not become Fonda Montserrat until 1939? And, since 1950, our family has run it?
El Montserrat was a popular place during the last century for lovers of reunions and going to make wine, and this gradually expanded, as the times and the needs of our valued customers changed: it was added ballroom, coffee area, added to the tavern part of life. And all, always looking at the sea.

Now it remains a great meeting place, for lunches in the bar, afternoons on the terrace and evening dinners in the restaurant area.
Currently, Montserrat and L'Estartit are still our home and we hope that when you visit us, you will also feel at home


At Restaurant Montserrat we are a big family who love each other, are always together and, above all, in a good mood. But the most important thing is that we help each other to offer you the best, so that you can enjoy a magnificent environment and cuisine that will give you an unforgettable experience in a restaurant with more than 80 years of history .


Monday - Saturday: 9:30h - 1:00h
Sunday: 9:30h - 0:00h

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